Hello...Long time no see....

I can't type Chinese now.

Today I didn't bring my computer, it was very heavy.

So I used the school computer.

If you can understand what I said, you will know my English is still very poor.

See...always the same vocabulary...

You know...I really need to be punished, because I was absent my class all day.

I don't want to be a bad guy, but the class is very boring.

When I came to the school first week, my teacher an Australia man was very funny.

But just one week later, he went to enjoy his holidays for 8 weeks.

Now our teacher who is a girl comes from Korea.


Can you believe it? I want to study in Australia, but my teacher is a Korean. It's a little ridiculous.

But our school also had a teacher came from Taiwan.

I ever talked to him, he was an amusing teacher.

So I thought if my Korean teacher was liked this, it was ok.

But she was always serious and her teaching style was tedious.

Oh my god! I couldn't stand anymore.

In fact, my classmates had talked to the school, we wanted to change a teacher.

Maybe our Korea teacher knew this. So I thought she tried to change her teaching way.

A little better than before.

But actually, still not very interesting. So I was absent today.

All day I still stayed in the school.

Use the internet to find my sharehouse and some information.

Tomorrow I will appear in the class, because all of the students in the school will have a test.

 I really want to know my English level.

The most advantage in Australia is I can always involve English language. 

Later I will go to the city with my friend.

See you next time.


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